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Our simplistic dashboard allows you to claim and update your business’s listings on every database online, including Google, Bing, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and 50+ more. With one click change logos, addresses, numbers, hours, amenities, and more on all databases.

Reporting & Analysis

On-demand detailed reports on keywords your customers use to find you, how many people requested directions, where they are from, if they checked your website or not, and more.

AI Monitoring

Artificial intelligence driven monitors will let you know if it detects incorrect information anywhere on the web and let you fix it with a click of a button

Build relationships, not followers. Social Media is essential in business. It creates opportunities to show potential clients what your service or product is like and how people adore it. Our online platform enables you to talk with the community, share promotions, and most importantly spread passion; all with the click of one button. No more logins, caption copies, tags, blah blah. Simple and modern, just like us.

Reach & Engagement

Gather trends and engagement records based on the type of content posted. Also, keep tabs on where the largest sum of traffic is coming from.

Unified Dashboard

Integrate your brand’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business into brandSuite Social. No need for separate logins and post, schedule, and respond from one spot.

Google and Facebook are great platforms to create efficient and valuable campaigns, but imagine having to take out a calculator and add numbers then divide them just to figure out the ROI (Return-on-Investment) of each ad. We changed this, all measurements and metrics from both platforms automatically calculate and are displayed in easy to view forms. Depending on these, you can make the most informed decisions on what works and what doesn’t. No more confusion.

When a potential client wants to know what you guys sell or what is on the menu, what do they do? Your website. Every business needs a website. Our sites run on WordPress, the #1 website builder. Using WP, you can build complex membership or e-commerce sites or something super simple that just collects leads and showcases your services! Everything is drag and drop allowing ease of design and functionality. We monitor Analytics right from the dashboard and measure other metrics such as source, device, country, etc. No need to manually hook up Google Analytics, cPanel, etc.

Hosting & Backups Included

We host all sites through the Google Cloud, you don’t need to worry about server issues, backups, DNS; none of that. We make sure your site is super fast and is always running.


In addition, unlike most hosts, we offer unlimited SSL certification and we set it up on your behalf; SSL is the padlock next to the URL that certifies it secure. On top of all this, we include a CDN (Content Delivery Network), which ensures speed and redundancy to all visitors.

Monitor, respond, and report on online reviews from 100+ sites all from one dashboard. Plus, utilize auto-suggested templates to save time and reply using a click. Our AI driven suite also empowers the Rep side by measuring customer trends in what they found best and worst about your business, giving you opportunities to self-develop and amaze your customers. On top of being able to monitor, answer, and report online reviews: Monitor brand mentions throughout the web, competitor thresholds, and valuable keywords.

According to a recent survey, 70% of consumers will leave a review for a business when asked. Are you asking in the most efficient manner? In today’s day, you need to remind people after their purchase to leave a review. On top of it, they’ll need to know how to. It becomes a mess very quickly but we have a solution as usual. Our platform allows you to add or import customer’s email or phone number and automatically send out review requests with the links on where you can be reviewed along with a friendly message or coupon/offer! 



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We dedicate our pricing models to accommodate every business. Our brandSuite Lite plan is more limited than our primary plans but works great for businesses that need a quick push on their Listings. On top of it, we include brandSuite Ads to optimize both Google and Facebook Ads.

Includes: brandSuite Local + brandSuite Ads

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