Key Differences Between Facebook and Instagram for Marketing your Business

Written on November 7, 2021 by

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Parth A. Patel

Parth A. Patel

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As a plethora of Social Media platforms have arisen throughout the years, many businesses have successfully utilized this chance to market themselves and their products. As many other up-and-coming businesses attempt to do the same, an issue tends to arise in which social media platforms they should market, and the differences they should take when marketing a business in different types of media. One particular source of confusion for many businesses is the difference between Facebook and Instagram and how one should market their business on each of these sites, as they both are owned by the same company and share many similar features.

Differences between Both

  • Instagram’s average user age is between 18 and 24 years old, while Facebook’s average user age is between 25-44 years old. 
  • Facebook allows users to post images, videos and text, while Instagram only allows users to post visual content. 
  • Facebook contains a games feature, while Instagram does not.
  • Facebook and Instagram are integrated for mobile use, but Instagram is more mobile friendly.
  • Facebook has 2.7 billion monthly active users while Instagram has only 1 billion users.

Where should you market your Business?

  • You should market at Instagram if:
    • Your business is more oriented towards the visual component, allowing for your content to be presented in a much more simpler and concise way. 
    • Your business wants to target a younger demographic, something that is more evident in Instagram than Facebook.
  • You should market at Facebook if:
    • Your business is more oriented towards more lengthy content with the utilization of other means of advertising other than a picture in a post.
    • Your business wants to target an older demographic, something that is more evident in Facebook than Instagram.
  • You can always market your Business at both sites if you prefer, but make sure that you are tweaking your strategy in how you are marketing your business depending on the site you are in.

Final Thoughts

Even though both platforms are similar in many aspects, they still have some differences. And because of this uniqueness, it is necessary to adopt different strategies to each platform. It is also important to note that this discussion doesn’t mean that Instagram is better than Facebook or vice versa. Each platform has specific characteristics that might be more successful for a specific type of marketer or business. The choice that you make solely depends on which platform is more appropriate and beneficial for your business.

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