Biggest Mistakes to Avoid when Digitally Marketing

Written on February 6, 2022 by

In order to have a successful business in today’s modern world, knowing how to digitally market is a must. Your online presence is a big decider of the amount of traffic your business will generate, and you must ensure it is optimized. Here are a few common mistakes that businesses make when digitally marketing that seriously impact their sales and revenue.


The first mistake is not having a blog. Businesses with blogs have 97% more inbound/backlinks from other websites, allowing them to generate tons more traffic than they would’ve without a blog, and in turn create more sales. Blogs can also help customer relations, as they provide a platform for the business and the consumer to interact and for feedback to be given. They may also answer consumers’ questions by creating posts within the niche of the business, allowing the blog to act as a reference as well and overall improving customer satisfaction.

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Another big mistake to avoid when digital marketing is not measuring your ROI, or return on investment. ROI is extremely important, as it allows you to see which marketing strategies are working, and which ones have a greater cost than benefit. Without measuring this, you could be blindly throwing money into strategies that don’t work for you, and your business won’t be nearly as successful. Examples of common metrics measured are traffic generated, leads, and click-through rates. To calculate your ROI, simply divide the net return on investment by the cost and multiply by 100. The higher the number the better.

Not setting measurable goals can also be a detriment to your digital marketing goals. By not setting goals, your progress and success are vague and hard to compare to where you began. Instead, set short and long-term goals such as followers, leads generated, etc…, and devise a strategy to get there as efficiently as possible. Make sure that deadlines for certain goals have a date that you abide by, and regularly review your goals to see if you are making steady progress in order to achieve them.


Making sure that your website’s layout is functional and that the website is fast are huge components of being able to convert traffic to sales. 80% of website visitors leave websites simply because they can’t find what they’re looking for. 80% is an astronomical number, and by creating a functional and well organized layout this problem can be avoided, and more potential customers will be able to find the information they need. In addition, the consumer experience is a big part of how your company and brand are perceived. Making sure that your website or online presence looks well put together and is fast and responsive are key components to consumer satisfaction.


These are just a few of the common mistakes made by companies within digital marketing. By fixing small mistakes like these, your businesses’ success will be more measurable, customers will enjoy exploring your site and are more likely to become clients, and overall, your businesses’ prosperity will skyrocket.



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