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brandSuite is the #1 Business Suite. We provision an All-in-one Digital Marketing, Productivity, and Branding platform. Our goal strives in providing every business access to brandSuite, however, to achieve that goal: we need a network. Our affiliate program serves as a network to distribute brandSuite into further reaches. As an affiliate, you will earn commissions by promoting brandSuite and assisting us to reach further. Most importantly, you will be a part of our family.

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What is brandSuite?

We are brandSuite. Well, we’re actually Brandarrow.

brandSuite is a Brandarrow product. Brandarrow Agency is a digital marketing and branding agency based out of New Jersey. Brandarrow supplies quality service at affordable rates to small, mid-sized, and large businesses all over the nation. The team at Brandarrow had always envisioned a better way to measure analytics, update business data, enable maintenance on websites, better SEO, and of course: increase productivity alongside maintaining an incline in digital presence.

Who is brandSuite for?

Everyone. Anyone. brandSuite was created to be versatile enough to be used by a local small business to a social media influencer to a large multi-million dollar brand. We don’t offset prices. Everyone pays fixed rates. Let’s work together to destroy the digital divide.

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Program Overview


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How it all works

Step 1


Get access to our Affiliate Dashboard. From here: you can track leads, profits, and download marketing assets.

Step 2


Using the assets in provided and personal creativity, promote brandSuite. This can be through landing pages, social media, videos, or even in person!

Step 3


We do all the work! If we close a lead that was referred to us by you, we pay you the commission due.

Have a question? Check out our Affiliate FAQs

At simplicity, the brandSuite Affiliate Program allows you (the affiliate) to earn a commission for referrals that you bring to us. You do this using a unique affiliate link that we give to only you. This link can be added to emails, social posts, blog posts, webinars, videos, and more. Joining our affiliate program allows you to create a new revenue stream at no cost while promoting the best business tool!

It’s super simple 🙂

Once you sign up, you will be emailed a unique referral link. This link will track every referral sale back to you so we can assure you are getting paid for your work!

Sharing your link is the key, whether it be through emails, social posts, blog posts, webinars, videos, or anything else.

The amount you can earn is uncontainable! We pay you anywhere from 15% to 25% in commission from our profits for that sale for 365 DAYS (A YEAR). In theory, if you earned a $200 commission off 1 sale and managed to replicate it to a total of 5 sales that month, you’d earn $1000 per month for a whole 12 months! That’s $12,000. Not too bad for five minutes of work every day.

If you work hard enough, it’s easy to earn as much as $20,000 every month (x12 = $240,000 every year) in commissions.

Nope! Signing up and promoting brandSuite as an affiliate is completely free. Also, there are no minimum sales required to earn a commission.

Not exactly, the brandSuite Affiliate program is meant for content creators and influencers. Affiliate links are most intuitive when placed throughout blogs, webinars, emails, etc.

If you are looking to refer clients or partners to brandSuite, it’s best that you apply to our partner program. Following your application, you will be teamed up with a brandSuite Partner Solutions expert who will help sell brandSuite to your client and earn you a commission.

Any other questions? Let us answer them. Click here to speak with our team!

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Become a brandSuite Affiliate

Sit back and earn by promoting the #1 Business Tool.

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