A truly simple website platform.

Drag n' Drop. Build a responsive site in 5 minutes. Super fast.

When a potential client wants to know what you guys sell or what is on the menu, what do they do? Your website. Every business needs a website. Our sites run on WordPress, the #1 website builder. Using WP, you can build complex membership or e-commerce sites or something super simple that just collects leads and showcases your services! Everything is drag and drop allowing ease of design and functionality. We monitor Analytics right from the dashboard and measure other metrics such as source, device, country, etc. No need to manually hook up Google Analytics, cPanel, etc.

brandSuite Site
brandSuite Site
google cloud - brandSuite Site
brandSuite Site
wordpresspng - brandSuite Site
wordpresspng - brandSuite Site
brandSuite Site
google cloud - brandSuite Site

Everything included. A unified solution.

wordpresspng - brandSuite Site

Visual Builder & CMS

All plans include the WordPress CMS along with a visual page builder powered by Elementor.

WordPress CMS

WordPress powers 1/3 of all websites with 500+ sites being built each day (compared to only 60-70 being built daily using Shopify or Squarespace). It also has a library of pre-built plugins, 55,000+ to be more in perspective. WordPress is blog, e-commerce, everything ready.
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google cloud - brandSuite Site

Hosting & Backups

All plans include Google Cloud Hosting along with automatic Daily Backups.

Hosting & Backups

brandSuite is powered by the Google Cloud Platform. This means 99% uptimes, blazing fast speeds, and no throttling! Plus, the brandSuite dashboard allows for one-click restores to the daily automated backups we take care of on your behalf.
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Domain + Emails + More

All plans freely integrate with our other brandSuite products and marketplace features.

Domain + Emails + More

Your domain is free on us for the first year and only a flat $15/year after that. We have integrations and plans for Google Workplace or Microsoft 365 for email hosting. Apart from that, we also have an abundance of different marketplace products to make your dream website.
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A quick 5 minute run-down

WebsitePro ExecutiveReport 02 - brandSuite Site

Automatically gather one touch metrics on the amount of new users that visit your website. Integrated through Google Analytics.

View the amount of times (sessions) your site has been viewed over the course of a specified amount of time. Integrated through Google Analytics.

One touch access to your other brandSuite products and subscriptions.

View the views by page on your website with a glance. Integrated through Google Analytics.

WebsiteDevTools 2 - brandSuite Site

The Dashboard

The dashboard is your home. From here, you can take quick glances at your website’s analytics and make rush adjustments such as flushing cache or disabling CDN services.

Reporting & Analytics

brandSuite Site auto-syncs with Google Analytics to bring site insights into one place. The dashboard will display users, sessions, page views, averages, bounce rates, and much more.

Managed Settings

Stop worrying about: DNS, nameservers, caching, CDN, and other web host settings. brandSuite Site manages it all for you from a super simple settings menu.

Visual Customization

Websites have high-standards in the 21st century, but not everyone has 10 years of UX/UI design experience working for Google. We get it. So, brandSuite Site enables you to create beautiful website without the code. Click, drag, drop.


brandSuite Site comes with the Divi Builder Premium and/or Elementor Pro Builder, depending on your plan. These are the top 2 WordPress Visual Builders. They enable you to create anything without coding.

Responsive Design

Our modified version of WordPress with the tools we provide are responsive by default. Your website will look amazing on all screens. If needed, you can adjust elements by device size too.

brandSuite Site
Website Process - brandSuite Site

The Extras

Every host has their extras, we already provide amazing service and support, plus tons of extra features listed all around the page. However, here are two that we wanted to feature.

5 Minute Setup

The brandSuite Site process regardless of your plan, should only take 5 minutes to have a site up and running. Within 5 minutes, you’ll have a link to a live site with a pre-built template and your business’s name.

Pre-Built Templates

Don’t have time to create a custom design? No problem. Use our library of countless pre-built templates or the variety of templates already available on Divi or Elementor.

websitepro 24hr service web - brandSuite Site

Automatic Daily Backups

website pro on computer2 - brandSuite Site

SSL Certificates Provided

E Commerce with Mobile - brandSuite Site

E-Commerce Ready

Express Website Template - brandSuite Site

Mobile/Tablet Responsive

As easy as can be

The Setup Process




Best Prices



Included with every brandSuite Site plan

google cloud - brandSuite Site

Cloud Hosting & Daily Backups

We host all sites through the Google Cloud, you don't need to worry about server issues, backups, DNS; none of that. We make sure your site is super fast and is always running.

letsencrypt - brandSuite Site

Free SSL Certificates + CDN

In addition, unlike most hosts, we offer unlimited SSL certification and we set it up on your behalf; SSL is the padlock next to the URL that certifies it secure. On top of all this, we include a CDN (Content Delivery Network) powered by Google Cloud, which ensures speed and redundancy to all visitors.

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WordPress is one of the most intuitive and powerful blogging and website content management system (CMS) available today. It takes care of all the background code and programming so people can focus on designing great looking websites. And it’s open source, which means people around the world are continuously improving it and adding awesome new features.

A domain name is like a street address, but for the Internet. A domain name is letters and numbers followed by an ending like (.com) or (.us). It is also the URL customers enter to find your website.

Storing a website on a server so that it can be accessed over the Internet.

If you use an existing domain to build a site with us, you will retain ownership of that domain.

Yes. You own your website and can export a copy at any time.

Everything you will need for a website is included in this cost—hosting, SSL certificates, a domain*, unlimited storage, migration plugin, unlimited backups, unlimited traffic, domain setup, custom templates, and support. You can host any website for this price—there are no restrictions or limits.


*complimentary for one year

There are no restrictions on plugins or themes—any plugin or theme can be added into Website Pro. Website Pro has its own migration, security, and backup tools, so we discourage using other plugins for these features.

WooCommerce and Divi Builder plugins come pre-installed on select website templates. These plugins allow you to easily create your store and edit the front end of your site without a single line of code.

All sites powered by brandSuite Site utilize Google’s cloud CDN. As Google has server centers across the globe, Website Pro sites will function well regardless of the user’s physical location. A content delivery network (CDN) is a system of servers designed to better serve websites and content globally. When a user attempts to load a page, CDNs will deliver content from the server that is closest to the user. This reduces latency and allows sites to load faster, resulting in a better user experience. If you wish, CDN can be disabled through the brandSuite dashboard.

You can find more on the technical specifications of brandSuite Site here.

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