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What is the difference between brandSuite Plans and Marketplace?

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A collection of brandSuite and 3rd Party Products mixed to create a more efficient workstyle. These are commonly called stacks! For example, you can mix your brandSuite Plan with Google Workspace, Constant Contact, and QuickBooks to also add an Email Hosting, Newsletter Service, and Accounting into brandSuite.

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Plans are your core brandSuite products. This includes products that are created by us and not associated with 3rd parties, apart from integration. Plans are charged monthly and/or annually.

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All brandSuite accounts come with our marketplace.

brandSuite is a revolutionary tool with the purpose of boosting efficiency in a business. Apart from its proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms and responses, on brandSuite: you can start, run, and grow any business. brandSuite has our core services of Listings, Social Media, Website, Ads, and Reputation; but, there is much more available. We integrate with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Microsoft 365, QuickBooks, Constant Contact, Facebook/Instagram, Google Ads (Adwords), and so much more. Overall, it allows operations to be more seamless and operated through one spot with a single login rather than through 20 tabs.

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Or build a custom “bundle” or “stack” mixed with brandSuite Core products + 3rd party services and integrations.

Step 1

Choose what works

It's your business. Every business is unique. Grab what you need. It's also possible to build your own bundle!

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Sign up

Got what you need? Perfect, signup on brandSuite in less than 5 minutes. This is where you'll manage everything from.

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Work Smarter

That's it. You did it. Sign in at and get started in boosting your brand to the next level.

Interested in starting a business, but don't know where to start?

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Starting a new business can be a pain. We are revolutionizing that; actually, never-mind, we’re transmogrifying it. For starters, you need to first register the business with the appropriate legal jurisdiction as usually an LLC (Limited-Liability-Company). From there, you need a business address, phone number, emails, a domain, a website, logos, social media, and the list goes on. Lastly, you are gonna start marketing once you get the initial setup going; so for that, you turn to create ad creatives, create business accounts everywhere, decide on efficient placements and channels, develop a marketing strategy, and on. It’s too complicated.

brandBOX solves this by doing it all for you. From A to Z we handle everything listed above and more, all with one bill, one team, and one speedy delivery date. Everything is organized, reviewed, and delivered via a simple file, and attached, a simple walk-through video and guide, on each part of your project.